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Reshaping the Future

Our team at Trinity Corp Development is passionate about reshaping the future of construction consulting. That's why we've developed an instant access app that allows you to stay connected to your project no matter where you are. With the app, you can access detailed project plans, receive real-time updates on your project's progress, and communicate with our team at any time. We're committed to using the latest technology to bring convenience and innovation to the construction industry.

We pledge to always put the client in the loop first. That means being leaders in innovation of technology, and communication.

Instant Access

Globally Accessed

Welcome to Trinity Corp Development, where we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality construction consulting services to our clients. Our globally accessed app is the perfect tool to keep you connected to our team and access our services anytime, anywhere.

Our instant access app is designed to ensure that you have access to all your project information from anywhere, anytime. It is accessible across all platforms, making it easy for you to stay up-to-date on your projects, no matter where you are. You can quickly and easily access reports, updates, and project details with our app. We believe that staying informed is the key to success in the construction industry and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

We value your privacy and security. That's why we offer a secure access portal to all of our clients. Our portal provides a safe and convenient way for you to access your information and communicate with our team.

Secure Access


Instant Access | Secure

We give you complete control of your construction project by providing you with real-time access to your budget, our team, and a live view (if applicable) of your project. You can easily keep track of what's left of your budget and make informed decisions about your project based on this information.

Budget/Team/Live view


Instant Access | Team, Budget

Our instant access app allows you to easily find out what trade is currently working on your project. Whether you're at the job site or on-the-go, our app gives you real-time information to keep you in the loop. 

Current Trade


Instant Access | Trades

With our instant access app, you'll be able to find out exactly what stage your construction project is at - no more guessing or confusion! From initial planning and design to the final stages of construction, our app keeps you informed and up-to-date.

Project Stage


Instant Access | Stages

Access real-time updates on your project with our instant access app. Whether it's a large-scale commercial project or a small residential remodel, Trinity Corp Development is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and delivering the highest quality results.

Project Update


Instant Access | Update Details
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